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The leading digital platform connecting Creditors & Debt Settlement Companies

Centrally access counterparties and automate account matching, negotiation, and settling in real-time along with data driven insights, account prioritization, compliance management, and much more.

Maximize settlement conversion by leveraging our unified digital platform for managing creditor relationships, automating back office tasks, ensuring compliance and extracting data insights.

Networked operating system provides a digital bridge between debt settlement firms and creditors, collection agencies and debt buyers, whereby each side of the network has fluid counterparty access.

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Negotiation wizard & checklist automates account matching, negotiation, settling in real-time, with embedded account prioritization (based on organization-determined criteria), compliance management for counterparties and negotiation activites, data driven insights, and much more.

Automate settlement negotiations without compromising compliance.

Reduce wait times and increase contact rates. Instantly call new form submissions, predictively call leads, and intelligently route inbound calls.

Settle In Bulk

Filter, review, audit, and e-sign on negotiations, all in one platform. Gone are the days of tracking down counterparties, phone calls, and searching email threads or scanning through scrub lists. With our platform, you can quickly search for a single proposal or take bulk actions with the push of a button.

Enhance Your Performance

With our negotiation command center, organizations can auto-locate accounts and auto-negotiate settlements with compliance safeguards and data-driven insights. Cut the time it takes to negotiate accounts down to minutes.

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